About Greg

I kind of consider myself a “work in progress” kind of guy. To quote a famous movie star “Shrek”. “I’m complex, and layered like an onion”.

OK… So if you have checked out my pictures by now you’ve figured out that I’m a Firefighter, Dad, Husband and a fisherman. I’ve been fighting fires for over 30 years and tournament fishing professionally since 1996. These are both awesome jobs. And what’s really cool about having two jobs is I get to drive code 3 in fire equipment and drive a tournament bass boat. Now that’s cool!

Why I Fish: “I fish because I love fishing! All kinds of fishing from bass to trout to salmon to crappie if it swims I like to catch it. Sure I enjoy the relaxing time on the water, but I have always been a fierce competitor, so tournament angling is just right for me”

Fishing has provided tremendous opportunity for me and my family, it gave my son Greg Jr. a connection with the outdoors and has added to his life by allowing him to become the 3 Time California BASS Casting Kids Champion, 1 time Bassmaster Classic Casting Kids qualifier, and providing college scholarship for  tuition. And the IGFA Jr. World Record holder for a 26 pound Peacock Bass caught in Brazil.

For Bobbie and I, fishing has allowed us to travel the United States and the  world.  We have met so many new friends in our travels away from our little   town of Red Bluff to places like Brazil, Spain and Portugal we have been able  to travel the world because of fishing.

Bobbie has been by my side and held down the fort for years, she’s taken care of bills, car problems, home work and yard work while have been away on campaign fires. She equally supports me with the same strength and determination while I’m away and traveling the country competing in fishing tournaments.


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