2016 Chamber Tournament – Clear Lake Recap


Prefish after the chamber tournament was short, on Monday after the Chamber Tournament, I started looking for new areas and expand on what I had found during the previous weekend.

In the morning I was going down the bank on the north end of the lake. I was covering water throwing small swimbaits like Skinny Dippers and looking for any size bites I could get. I found several areas where the fish were grouped up and made a mental note.

Tuesday was a short day, so I decided to cover the south end of the lake. I just wasn’t able to put together a pattern and only had 1 bite for the day.

The first day of the tournament I decided to try and get a quick limit. My first stop lead me to expand on a finesse pattern of drop shotting Flirt and other finnesse worm as well as a flipping bite.

I had a high teen limit quickly and started to check for new areas, after a couple of more stops i had the weight I weighed in but had put together a few more places for the remainder of the event.

On day 2 I had a later blast off number, as I watched the boats take off made a last second decision to start on an area I had found on Monday.

When I shut fire I could see the bass boiling on the bait, i started with a swimbait and had several hits but the fish wouldn’t commit to the larger bait. I pulled out a dropshot and caught several bass in the area.

As we moved around for the day we upgraded a couple of times and I revisited several of the areas that I had fished r on the first day. One thing I found was, the conditions had changed from the first day areas so I felt I would have to look for new water do I spent the remainder of the day looking for new water for day 3.

As day 3 launch began I had still had not decided on a starting spot. Being in the last flight I new there wouldn’t be very many areas that didn’t have a boat or two parked on it.

As my number drew near I decided to check the area I started at on the previous day.

As I pulled in I could see the bass chasing the bait, there were several large swirls in the area so I believed there was a large group of fish in the area.

I started with a swimbait and immediately hooked into a solid fish. The swimbait bite turned off after that first fish so I started throwing a dropshot around the area. I began catching fish again, however they were much smaller than what I believed was in the area so I began to dissect the area very carefully.

I re-positioned the boat several times with no success.

As I began to recalculate my plan I decided to re-position one more time. I cast into the area where I believed the fish were I got a very light bite, I set the hook and landed a very nice keeper bass. Shortly after that I hooked into another fish after a short battle I lost a fish that was better than 8 pounds.

At that point I positioned my Nitro Z-21 and got my co-angler setup and situated on where the fish were located after a brief lesson we began catching what culminated in a 36.43 pound limit.

I believed there were several things that helped me find, hook and land the fish I weighed in for the tournament. First was being in my Nitro Z-21 and Mercury Pro-XS allowed me cover a lot of water to find productive areas.

Using my Lowrance HDS3 units allowed me to use side side scan to see fish without running over the school or spooking them.

Having the Irod Air rods allowed me feel the very light bite, while the super strong 8 pound test Gamma Edge gave me the confidence to cast light line into areas with heavy cover and land the larger fish.