Bobbie Update

I know it has been several days since Bobbie’s operation and my last update. I have several answers for you and wanted to share some good news with you all.

The doctor came in a couple of nights ago and showed us the pathology reports from the masses removed from Bobbie’s lungs, the good news is they were not malignant or cancerous but the bad news is they were of an undetermined cause. The doctor wants to run some more tests to determine the origin and cause of these masses considering the one in her left lung was causing lung tissues to die.

Now we must eliminate any shared conditions or environmental conditions at home, work or where every we frequent. I guess that means I will be tested next week to make sure I do not share any of the same conditions.

Bobbie has been doing well in her recovery and had been getting up taking walks and limited only nasal oxygen, she did hit a small speed bump yesterday when she came down with a fever and experienced some pain during oxygen therapy. It turned out that she has a partial lung collapse on the left side and the doctors began a more aggressive oxygen therapy treatment requiring she treated and walked every 4 hours around the clock.

When the doctor told here she couldn’t go home until they got her breathing controlled, she told him “I will do what ever it takes to be able to go home”, so last night she told me “if they are going to wake me up every four hours I going to get some sleep so go home and get some rest too”, and then she kicked me out at 5 pm.

I imagine she will be a tired puppy this morning being woke up every 4 hours with a treatment lasting 1 hour trust me, 3 hours of sleep does not regenerate this girls happy face, and there’s not enough coffee at “Starbucks” to make her smile when she gets woke up in the middle of the night. (HA)

Blessings to all