Candid with Greg Gutierrez and Spotted Bass

Bass Angler Headquarters would like to welcome you to the first in a series of exclusive candid discussions with Greg Gutierrez.  Greg is a former Bassmaster Elite Series competitor, two-time Bass Master Classic Qualifier and Bass Open Champion.  Today Greg competes on the FLW Everstart Tour Western Division and the WON Bass Tour.

So join us as Greg provides his insight on how to catch magnum spotted bass.

BHQ:    Where do you begin your search for the larger spotted bass during the winter?

Greg: I like to target larger spotted bass on ambush points that have definition changes.  What I mean by this is that I look for areas where the bank or structure will make a transition from mud to gravel or from   red clay to chunk rock or granite to sand.

These are the areas that I believe attracts the forage.  Bluegills, Crawdads, Scuplins, Shad and at Oroville the pond smelt.  Sculpins are a key forage that big spots can really key in on this time of year.  On Shasta the trout will come into these areas to eat the bait and you can be sure that the bass will be there as well.  The same thing happens on Oroville but with the salmon.

One key point is that when I find an area that has some moss growing,  I will be sure to explore the area thoroughly.   The presence of moss usually will draw the bait into the area and the where the forage is the bass will be nearby. Read More >