Day 2 – Clarkshill – Bassmaster Elite

Gutierrez felt that leading into this event he’d be “lucky” to weigh in 10 pounds a day. But a mediocre practice period morphed into 2 days of solid catches come tournament time.

The California pro said he’s “seeing” his fish, “but not necessarily sight-fishing. I’m not sitting on one spot throwing at one fish on a bed. I’m basically going through areas and catching glimpses of fish, then coming back and fishing for them.”

One of his day-2 weigh fish revealed its presence when it came up from the depths and aggressively flared its gills at his trolling motor.

“I’ve seen them do that a few times before,” he said. “They’ll try to attack anything when it’s spawn time. I backed up and tried to fish for that fish, but it wouldn’t bite. So I fished around and then stopped back on that spot about an hour later all it took was one cast up there and I got bit. That was about a 3-pounder.”

He’s not employing a cast-and-cruise strategy like many of his fellow competitors, instead he’s “slowly and methodically” picking apart his areas.

“Yesterday I fished one pocket pretty much exclusively,” he said. “I caught two 5s out of there and then today I caught two more 5s out of that general area. So it’s definitely paying off to slow down and work my spots.

“I think I’ve pretty much spent that area, but I saw a few more in a different spot this afternoon. I’ll probably run there first thing in the morning. If I can get some decent fish out of there I’ve got a spot on the total opposite end of the lake I’ll probably look at.”  Read More >