Greg Gutierrez 2nd place Day 1 on Lake Havasu

FLW – Everstart Lake Havasu 2012

By the slimmest of margins, Greg Gutierrez of Red Bluff, Calif., finished the day in second place overall. However, after recording a total catch of 17 pounds, 11 ounces, it’s clear that Gutierrez is now a serious contender for the title. Not only did he bring back the type of weight necessary to win an event like this, but he boasts plenty of other areas where he believes he can continue to haul out quality limits. As such, it appears that Gutierrez is in it for the long haul.

“I’ve been to this lake a bunch of times but pretty much right away in practice I got onto a couple of good patterns,” he said. “So right from the get-go I was feeling confident. And by the second day of practice I couldn’t stop smiling.”

After today’s event, Gutierrez was still smiling.

“Today everything just laid out perfectly for me. I’m fishing very comfortably right now,” he said. “And that’s the biggest thing. You fish a lot better when you fish relaxed.”

As far as his prime areas are concerned, Gutierrez said he’s targeting little piscatorial highways where bass come through when they’re getting ready to spawn.

“Basically I’m going out there looking for little breaks where the fish are coming into spawn. I also have some other pretty good spots that I haven’t had to use yet. I’m waiting on those for later – if I even need them. So overall I feel pretty good right now.”

But can he match today’s effort in Friday’s contest?

“I’m pretty confident I can come back with 15 or 16 pounds fairly easily,” he said. “But getting those 17-pound bags takes a lot of work. They’re a lot harder to come by.”