Greg Gutierrez – Double G with a Frenzy Vibe tip

The Frenzy Vibe is a weedless vibration bait that can be fished in any condition and through the thickest cover. Designed by touring pro Greg Gutierrez, this bait mean’s business.  It features a jointed predator head and with a sticky 4/0 Daiichi wide gap pivoting hook system for maximum action, hook-up and fish fighting potential. The Vibe’s design allows the angler to change hook styles and sizes if desired.

The key to the bait is that the vibration is unlike all those other vibration baits out there and was designed to do several things; The keel shaped head keeps the bait from rolling while the jointed pivoting hook system imparts an “S” action as well a being able to articulate at the connection between the blade and head. This complete design allows for a slower retrieve triggering vicious strikes!

The 4/0 Daiichi wide gap pivoting hook system allows for a multitude of trailers that can all be rigged weedless/Texas style.

The Vibe features durable and realistic colors with large eyes that result in more fish catches per bait because of its superb quality. Currently the Vibe weedless vibration rig is currently available in two sizes: 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz and 6 colors (Shad, Sexy Shad, Bream, Green Pumpkin, Delta Red, Black & Blue) that will trigger bites in any water color or conditions. There is a lighter version coming soon,..

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