Greg Gutierrez Jig Thingy

5/1/2012 – story and photos by Dan O’Sullivan on Advanced Angler

Jigs catch ’em. Whether in heavy cover, around boat docks, on rock piles or on gravelly flats – jigs can out produce other lures at any time. But, jigs have a few negative properties that can make them less than ideal in every situation.

For example, jigs may not always be the best around grass. The fact that they have a fiber weed-guard protecting the hook means that coming through grass can be less than a weedless adventure. Jigs also have a reputation for losing their fair share of bass. Something about the lead head and the hook seems to provide a certain amount of leverage for the fish to throw the jig.

Greg Gutierrez, a former Bassmaster Elite Series pro and longtime Western competitor has found a solution to the jig issues. “I love to throw a jig,” he said. “But, there are times that I need the profile, but can’t deal with the issues of a jig. Usually the good parts, far outweigh the bad parts, but I wanted something to be as close to perfect as can be.”
The answer came in his own special creation; we’ll call it his “Jig Thingy.”

What is a Jig Thingy?
Gutierrez began experimenting with lure components that would give him the overall look of a jig, but allow him to present it in areas that a regular jig wouldn’t give him the results he wanted. he started with a worm hook, a tungsten weight, a glass bead, a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver and a spinnerbait or jig skirt. Read More >