Gutierrez lands in runner-up position

FLW – Everstart Clear Lake 2012

Bolstered by a total catch of 26 pounds, 7 ounces, Greg Gutierrez of Red Bluff, Calif., managed to finish the day in second place.

“You know, it was par for what I was expecting,” said Gutierrez. “I was catching a lot of the same weight in practice so I’m not really surprised. I had a really good idea what I was looking at heading into today.”

Like Reese, Gutierrez said he really mixed up his strategy and techniques on the water.

“I was fishing all kinds of ways today,” he said. “I was sight-fishing but I was also using three or four different baits that I was really focusing in on. It’s pretty simple stuff. I caught some good fish on swimbaits early and the day just got better and better from there. I really have kind of a A, B, C (three-pronged technique) program going right now.”

Gutierrez said the main key to his success is his fishing location.

“I’m really targeting transition areas,” he said. “It’s a place where the fish are spawning, the fish are staging and the fish are moving out. And right now you have waves of fish coming in.”

As for tomorrow, Gutierrez said he is expecting for similar results.

“I’m expecting the same thing,” he said. “I don’t see the trend going down too much. And I can definitely see bigger fish coming in and out of my areas. I shook off a lot of fish bigger than the ones I caught today in practice. I can realistically see catching a 30 or 35 pound bag in that area. Since I found that area on Sunday, I’ve felt really good about my chances. I just love this lake.”