Every Day Fire Fighters are exposed to dangerous environments, the most common thought that goes through most people’s mind is like in the movie “Back Draft”. They see the fiery dragon trying to devour a fire fighter as they save a helpless victim. There’s more to it than that, fire fighters are exposed to a plethora of carcinogens and toxins as dangerous smoke penetrates their skin and lungs. The smoke from a simple car fire or garbage can could be the beginning of the end in a fire fighters career or life.

Cancer is a silent killer of  many but especially for fire fighters, join with me to help “Code 3 For a Cure”  in their vision be a leading nonprofit organization that: (1) is a well-known and reliable source of help and support for firefighters and other first responders diagnosed with cancer and their families; and (2) plays a role in eliminating cancer, and assists members of the general public who are diagnosed with cancer, by providing support to the nonprofit organizations that conduct cancer research and/or help cancer patients.

Visit their website and see what you can do.


CAST_LOGOThe C.A.S.T. program provides one day fishing and boating events designed to accommodate children with a wide range of special needs.
These adaptive events create a Least Restrictive Environment where anyone can achieve success and increase awareness regarding the abilities of populations with specials needs.

C.A.S.T.  “Catch A Special Thrill” for Kids Program

The C.A.S.T. “Catch A Special Thrill” for Kids Event was designed to create an adaptive environment where children, ages 5-18, and adults could both benefit, sharing a day of fun on the water that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.  Participants are hosted at a local lake, or body of water, supplied with a fishing rod & reel, t-shirt, hat, and tackle box, partnered with an experienced volunteer angler and escorted onto a boat where, with the supervision of a parent or guardian, they are shown proper fishing techniques and receive natural resources education.  Participants and volunteers all then return from their morning fishing excursion to a BBQ lunch and an awards ceremony.

VIEW  PDF that one of the kids made from the event.