“Professional” is the term that sums up Greg Gutierrez. I can always count on him for early morning radio shows live on the way to a tournament, personal appearances or major sport shows. Greg knows and recognizes the value of sponsors and never fails to promote them or the sport of bass fishing to every level of angler.”
Kent Brown
Ultimate Bass Radio Show

“When I first met Greg several years ago I was pleasantly surprised how friendly and willing he was to share his expertise with me. I was coming up to fish a tournament at Shasta Lake and he invited me to stay at his house in Red Bluff. We soon became friends and the next year we traveled together driving to and pre-fishing for tournaments in the Northern California area. We soon realized we share some of the same passion and desires for the future of Bass fishing. Greg is truly a “Professional Bass Angler”,.. That’s why I invited him to be part of Bass Angler Headquarters.”
Steve Adams
Creative Director/Owner/publisher
Bass Angler Headquarters

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