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Wow, am I excited to be working with Frenzy Baits? Oh heck yes I am! The folks at Frenzy Baits are dedicated to supplying baits that are innovative, quality built, price conscious and have been tournament tested. Keep an eye out for this small upstart company they have big plans and the drive to make it happen.
I’ve had websites before that have been able to show my individualism to the fishing world. Since I switched to a “BHQ” website I not only maintained my individual brand recognition, but represent myself and sponsors in a professional manner with current up to date information. I am also linked to the Bass Angler Headquarters network and that means more EXPOSURE for myself and my sponsors. Being part of the Bass Angler nation™ also provides access to benefits such as marketing, editorial, video services, jersey, deck decals, boat wrap design, and so much more. Hands down! No other company specializing in Bass Angler websites can offer the exposure and benefits BHQ does!
Reaction Innovations has been the leader in bait design and color combinations. With unique baits such as the Sweet Beaver, Skinny Dippers, Flirts Worms, Big Unit and so many more baits that I use with techniques ranging from Alabama Rigs and Flippin’ to all of the Finesse fishing applications. Reaction Innovation has the most effective baits and color combinations for me!
I have used Lowrance Graphs for years, and ever since I started using my HDS 7 & 8 units with the Side and Down Imaging my effectiveness to cover water has been increased beyond my imagination. From the multi screen functions to the ability to identify and target individual fish in some of the heaviest cover. As a tournament tool, I couldn’t imagine fishing without my Lowrance HDS units.
Why IROD fishing rods? For me it’s simple “fishing isn’t brain surgery… it’s work”, and having the right tool for the job is only way to get work done! I have fished them hard and put them through the ringer producing 27 pound stringers without a glitch. Light weight, sensitive and durable, IROD fishing rods stand up to the rigorous use of tournament fishing. So when I choose a tool to get heavy work done on the water, IROD fishing rods are the right tools for me!
RomanMade-logo300px Toshinori Takeyama Roots of Roman Made
Whether river or lake, the area where Toshinori Takeyama had grown up was rich with a variety of fish. It didn’t take long before Toshinori was absorbed in the charm of fishing.
Toshinori first impressions of fishing occurred close to home where fish occupied his nearby creek. This is where fishing first touched his soul.  His daily passion gripped his inner being well after the sun would fade. Read More >
DUO-logo-250px DUO was established in year 1995 when president Hisahiro Matsushita went independent from a lure manufacturer of a long tradition and started his own company.The lure business of the 90`s was severely influenced by the Japanese recession, however Mr. Matsushita never compromised his principles and never gave up on his initial concept of making products of the highest quality.
Read More >
STORMR_logo250px STORMR® products use Neoprene Core Technology™ and Fusion VAPR Technology to adapt the benefits generations of divers and surfers have used to defy the elements to land-based and amphibious activities. Read More >
BeastUp-Logo-300px The company is located in Red Bluff California. We have one drink produced and another in the development phase. The company is managed by a group of extreme sports enthusiast that live the brand. We’re currently contracted with a distributor  in Northern California who delivers to six counties. Find out more over on our website >