Gutierrez Slams The Door at Lake Shasta – The Costa FLW Series 2016 Champion

The Costa FLW Series Western Division fires up at one of the West’s premier spotted bass fisheries: Shasta Lake in northern California. The tournament ran Feb. 18-20, and the timing might be just right for a catchfest. Situated on the Sacramento River in northern California below Mount Shasta of the snow-capped Cascade Range, Shasta Lake was built in the ’40s and is home to both coldwater and … [Read more...]

Top 3 Day 1 Lake Shasta WON Bass Opener

Rounding out the top 3 was local pro Greg Gutierrez and his AAA. Each weighed a big fish.Gutierrez held his at 3.30 and AAA was 3.93. Posing for a pic, Gutierrez gave a few details, "We wrecked fish all day long. I actually farmed two big ones, a giant-a giant being over five. We got 40 or 50 fish, just finesse fishing, just working." When asked how he felt about tomorrow he laughed saying, … [Read more...]